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Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm back again! But, a happy one :D

Hello people! Back! Anyway, i'm going to delete my twitter account, I like facebook more! And, find twitter " tiring " (: Will delete my twitter account tmrw? Or Tuesday :D
Hey, who's that girl sobbing at the edge of her bed, with tissues stuffed at her face? Why does she look so sad? Her tears are rolling non stop, something must have hurt her bad. I pity her. She's beautiful. She's looking at her phone now. What?! Her boyfriend dumped her over a text message. That's ridiculous, as she re-read the text she sobbed even harder. She shook her head and wailed loudly. It was heart wrenching. She clenched her phone tight in her fist as tears rolled down her soft pink cheek. Her eyes were swollen and puffy, and it shows pain. This girl needs help, needs love. Someone has to be there for her. Wait. These forlorn eyes look familiar. These lips looks like they belong to someone i know. As i reached closer to the girl, i touched a cold hard piece of metal. Taken by, Jaslin ^^

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