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Celeste's my name. 14's my age, 170997's my biggest day! I have a Princess Attitude. Please don't judge me, because i can't even judge myself. Don't find love let love find you (:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm back again! But, a happy one :D

Hello people! Back! Anyway, i'm going to delete my twitter account, I like facebook more! And, find twitter " tiring " (: Will delete my twitter account tmrw? Or Tuesday :D
Hey, who's that girl sobbing at the edge of her bed, with tissues stuffed at her face? Why does she look so sad? Her tears are rolling non stop, something must have hurt her bad. I pity her. She's beautiful. She's looking at her phone now. What?! Her boyfriend dumped her over a text message. That's ridiculous, as she re-read the text she sobbed even harder. She shook her head and wailed loudly. It was heart wrenching. She clenched her phone tight in her fist as tears rolled down her soft pink cheek. Her eyes were swollen and puffy, and it shows pain. This girl needs help, needs love. Someone has to be there for her. Wait. These forlorn eyes look familiar. These lips looks like they belong to someone i know. As i reached closer to the girl, i touched a cold hard piece of metal. Taken by, Jaslin ^^

Friday, June 3, 2011

A day with alients

Hi (: Went out with MuiFang& Vanessa yesterday to Clarke Quay, bought Sticky, walk arnd was so boring ): Wanted to watch movie at NEXXX but can't home suddenly called me, so i need to fetch my cousin, so i went back arnd 3-4pm. After that, fetch my cousin den home. Reach-ed home enjoyed the air-con (: Ok, nothing much now ^^

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#102. I'm not gonna be your ' play toy ' again.

 "Sometimes, people say your pretty, sometimes they're just trying to lick you. Make you happy only. Sometimes hey meant it. Everything starts with 'sometimes ' , it's hard to trust someone that once betrayed you.  "

I'm ain't perfect, i'm not pretty nor smart. But, 1 thing i can prove is, that's gonna be me, like always. (: Shall update using 2 pictures, shall upload some tmrw ^^ . It's like so sudden i wanna update, LOLOL! Nothing much for today huh. Twitter, twitter, twitter, Facebook, facebook, facebook. Anw, i hate people for misunderstanding me, because is like wth. Can someone like question me at FORMSPRING just stroll all the way down, i need more questions, lmao.
I'll rmbr this, like forever :D

xoxo, you know you love me.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We're only young once -Angle& Felyn

Lovepotion in a bottle
Hello readers! Supz (: Updating today, yesterday was a boring day, saw SohMei at the bus stop, met Hannah, stop making her feel alone, will you? Tmrw may go out with Rachel, don't know when meeting xin for movie ~  Saw her in schl yesterday funny helly! She bought Mac, &she wanna treat me, lmao. She haven't eat huh. Anw, i've no idea, roting at home like a G7. I love being drunk, and that time Angie and Felyn say " we're young only once " I was like, cool, both of ya eng improve thanks to me, they was like PUI -.- Sad much ): HAHAH! Gonna meet Sherlyn, Angie, Felyn again, and this time round CQ ^^! Yay, they promise(d) me, and i remembered ♥ 
What's wrong? I seriously dun get it, what i did wrong making you coming here to scold me?! you're just my friend k. I dun fucking gonna treat you ' good ' anymore -,- This is the way you treat me back? I treated you like a ' great friend ' butch much. Alright, forget it. 
Tight up plans!
- Tmrw meet Rachel
- Saturday Sherlyn
- Monday Angie
- Sunday Felyn &Liling
- Wednesday xin for movie
So is my time tight? Yes, it is ): Oh, it's okay. Date me too (: Questions me at fornspring stroll atw downnn (;

Sunday, May 29, 2011

i'm not gonna listen to you anymore, l0ser.

How great it is. There's schl tmrw, where peeps enjoy holiday. Zzz ): 12.30pm, heading out arnd 11.45pm. May meet SohMei or maybe mummy fetch me ^^I'll see about it, lens ain't coming, freakkk! SohMei keep bugging me about it >: Makes me feel so damn uncomfortable ): If she doesn't get hers, mine also. Anw, Sherlyn's lens arriving, yay! Meeting her and Angie, Tamp (: Rachel too (: A little stress sia >< So far i passed my ezams, 2 U only. Art get B! Arg. I dun knw, how tmrw siak. ): ): I'M FEELING SO DK HOW. F.up. Gonna stop updating tuesday i'll update :D

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Is it killing you like it's killing me?

Hiak readers! I need even more readers! (: Woke up, head to the clinic, off to NEXXX, home, Jurong, Woodlands, home. Tired much. I've too so much pictures today, yesterday, yesterday, yesterday, like a everyday! ^^ Am i enjoying my life now? LOLOL! Yesh, some of my tweets are/is referring to you, and why? Guilty? I knew it, butch. And, so what even it's you? Kill me? Sue me? Slap me? Punch me? Rofl.
Hmmm... I'm not a heavy drinker, i dun really get drunk easily, unless you add some pills in it. ^^ But, i've no idea why, nowadays i wanna drink so badly. ): 
amazing, bed, epic, forest, hanging, nice - inspiring picture on Favim.com
Cool anot? A little scary and dangerous uh. BUT IT'S SO DAMN COOL! What if there's sharks? AHHH, jitao run/die uh. >: Follow me on twitter (: (: I'll accept ya. CARRY ON READERS, okie? (:
YAY. Schl officially close due to holidays (: Happy mxm (Y) Gonna head out everyday i swaer :D Not gonna wear my schl attire for 1month? Lmao, i'm alrdy so happy like max! I'm a little cui uh..

Arg! My skinny little legs ): I NEEDA EAT MORE, sersly. Skinny like h3ll >; Alright! I'm alrdy like 39kg, but peeps always say i'm 20-30plus, wth. ): AM I THAT SKINNY? But, i think i look fat, everyone contains a little fats, k! I can tell my uniform is just a little big for me, look at me like wtfff. Above that people, skinny like freakkk! Heheee, alright, gonna watch some dramas off to bed.

xoxo, you know you love me

Friday, May 27, 2011

It's time we get drunk, forget those little memories.

It's hard to forget those memorize you gave me. I wanna get drunk, forget all sorts of shitz. That moment, i've thought of so many things. Finally, i chose to gave you up. Tiffany came to my house, just to say GET WELL SOON. Touch youmeiyou?! >< Unlike some people, they promised me something but never do, and even you're busy say only lah, make me wait, until my mum scold me, nb -.- Freak, there's this rehearsal on monday sucks mxm. if i'm still sick, i'll not go. (: I dun give a damn to teacher who's gonna call me, k. ^^

xoxo, you know you love me