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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Is it killing you like it's killing me?

Hiak readers! I need even more readers! (: Woke up, head to the clinic, off to NEXXX, home, Jurong, Woodlands, home. Tired much. I've too so much pictures today, yesterday, yesterday, yesterday, like a everyday! ^^ Am i enjoying my life now? LOLOL! Yesh, some of my tweets are/is referring to you, and why? Guilty? I knew it, butch. And, so what even it's you? Kill me? Sue me? Slap me? Punch me? Rofl.
Hmmm... I'm not a heavy drinker, i dun really get drunk easily, unless you add some pills in it. ^^ But, i've no idea why, nowadays i wanna drink so badly. ): 
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Cool anot? A little scary and dangerous uh. BUT IT'S SO DAMN COOL! What if there's sharks? AHHH, jitao run/die uh. >: Follow me on twitter (: (: I'll accept ya. CARRY ON READERS, okie? (:
YAY. Schl officially close due to holidays (: Happy mxm (Y) Gonna head out everyday i swaer :D Not gonna wear my schl attire for 1month? Lmao, i'm alrdy so happy like max! I'm a little cui uh..

Arg! My skinny little legs ): I NEEDA EAT MORE, sersly. Skinny like h3ll >; Alright! I'm alrdy like 39kg, but peeps always say i'm 20-30plus, wth. ): AM I THAT SKINNY? But, i think i look fat, everyone contains a little fats, k! I can tell my uniform is just a little big for me, look at me like wtfff. Above that people, skinny like freakkk! Heheee, alright, gonna watch some dramas off to bed.

xoxo, you know you love me

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