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Sunday, May 29, 2011

i'm not gonna listen to you anymore, l0ser.

How great it is. There's schl tmrw, where peeps enjoy holiday. Zzz ): 12.30pm, heading out arnd 11.45pm. May meet SohMei or maybe mummy fetch me ^^I'll see about it, lens ain't coming, freakkk! SohMei keep bugging me about it >: Makes me feel so damn uncomfortable ): If she doesn't get hers, mine also. Anw, Sherlyn's lens arriving, yay! Meeting her and Angie, Tamp (: Rachel too (: A little stress sia >< So far i passed my ezams, 2 U only. Art get B! Arg. I dun knw, how tmrw siak. ): ): I'M FEELING SO DK HOW. F.up. Gonna stop updating tuesday i'll update :D

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