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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We're only young once -Angle& Felyn

Lovepotion in a bottle
Hello readers! Supz (: Updating today, yesterday was a boring day, saw SohMei at the bus stop, met Hannah, stop making her feel alone, will you? Tmrw may go out with Rachel, don't know when meeting xin for movie ~  Saw her in schl yesterday funny helly! She bought Mac, &she wanna treat me, lmao. She haven't eat huh. Anw, i've no idea, roting at home like a G7. I love being drunk, and that time Angie and Felyn say " we're young only once " I was like, cool, both of ya eng improve thanks to me, they was like PUI -.- Sad much ): HAHAH! Gonna meet Sherlyn, Angie, Felyn again, and this time round CQ ^^! Yay, they promise(d) me, and i remembered ♥ 
What's wrong? I seriously dun get it, what i did wrong making you coming here to scold me?! you're just my friend k. I dun fucking gonna treat you ' good ' anymore -,- This is the way you treat me back? I treated you like a ' great friend ' butch much. Alright, forget it. 
Tight up plans!
- Tmrw meet Rachel
- Saturday Sherlyn
- Monday Angie
- Sunday Felyn &Liling
- Wednesday xin for movie
So is my time tight? Yes, it is ): Oh, it's okay. Date me too (: Questions me at fornspring stroll atw downnn (;

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