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Celeste's my name. 14's my age, 170997's my biggest day! I have a Princess Attitude. Please don't judge me, because i can't even judge myself. Don't find love let love find you (:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#102. I'm not gonna be your ' play toy ' again.

 "Sometimes, people say your pretty, sometimes they're just trying to lick you. Make you happy only. Sometimes hey meant it. Everything starts with 'sometimes ' , it's hard to trust someone that once betrayed you.  "

I'm ain't perfect, i'm not pretty nor smart. But, 1 thing i can prove is, that's gonna be me, like always. (: Shall update using 2 pictures, shall upload some tmrw ^^ . It's like so sudden i wanna update, LOLOL! Nothing much for today huh. Twitter, twitter, twitter, Facebook, facebook, facebook. Anw, i hate people for misunderstanding me, because is like wth. Can someone like question me at FORMSPRING just stroll all the way down, i need more questions, lmao.
I'll rmbr this, like forever :D

xoxo, you know you love me.

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