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Friday, April 15, 2011

8 days alrdy!

Hey, yo yo yo (: I bet you peeps miss my post! So yeah. By sending girls (ME) good morning, god day and blahblah... MAKE MY DAY ♥
Yeah lah yeah lah. Hate me for what you want, i'm not a "soft-toy" nor "pet" i'm a human like you, you don't know how to treat me well, then i'll leave. I don't understand why you're being like you're a "princess" like everythings must go your way. Guess what people say at your back. You wanna know? I tell you if you really wanna know (; Sometimes, i agreed with them. Because you make yourself like you're everything and you thinks you're special. But, no one's perfect bitch!
I somehow wish you can talk to me. I remembered yesterday you called me and i pick up and we chat for like 2hrs? LOL! I enjoyed it so much, you know! HAHAH :D
HAHAHAH ♥♥ iloveyou, baby ♥

.-i hate it when a bad memory ruins a good song.
How i wish my iPod got music alrdy! Nvm~ I'm gonna change my phone to Blackberry :D :D HAHAH!

Photo Courtesy: bradavince
Dam, i ws waiting until i cannot wait alrdy ): So i started texting you, and you're doing that too. AWWW!
I wish i was like her. She's pretty. Can i be a singer or someone that's FAMOUS?! I WANT THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW ME LIKE JUSTIN BIER, SELENA GOMEZ, TAYLOR SWIFT ect...

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