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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sorry (:

Was dam fun just now :D I really enjoy updating my blog but sometimes nothing to post. I've loads of orders already. And, i really dislike it when you doesn't have my permission & you went ordering some bags, and now? I GOTTA PAY IT -,- 
That bag above i really want it (: Nice!! HAHAH! K. Anw, i was so dam busy in schl and my blogshop! Okay, really tired. SUPPORTME Like a really, ordered earings. and some tee. Dam cute one (: Shouldn't even bothered ==
Ok. Seriously. And, like support lahh! Anw, people that order please pay first, yeah!
I remembered, we're so close once, Tsm,Nlmy,Me, Twq,and lots. Now? No. Haiz. Forget it alrdy sersly. Is your fault or our's? NONE (: Just go and "follow" her. HAHHAH!

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