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Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's fast, faster than i thought (:

Hey peeps! I've been so busy with my blogshop, and spend less time here already. I'm sorry ): E-learning today i didn't do, he done it for me (: iloveyou, boy! You wake me up like a alarm clock, sleep like a pig! I was happy to have you, and i'm serious. I remembered the past, when i didn't even know you, i was with another guy, and i don't really know when you chatted with me at Facebook, asking for my number and stuffs got real shock! And, you love me ^^!  After, 30 it's our 1st month!! (L) I remembered that time, you're angry because of hiding from you. But, after awhile you scared of losing me, so you apologize to me, i was in the wrong, but... I hope i didn't regret (: You don't get jealous so easy when i'm with some guys, you trusted me like, black&white!! ♥
Yesterday, went to this playground @242. Fun like hell (y)! Slack, chat,played. Joyce was like fun! And, cool :D We're friends from yesterday, woolala~ Anyway, i wish we could slack more and know which other even more (: Slack till so late yesterday, i likeee! And, you even chat with me at Facebbok, and stuffs (: (: Hope we still have the chance to do that (: 
Thou, many people say they hate me just because i've change, alright. hate me more (: I come to school is for e to study if you hate me so much, like i give a dam shit like that -.- Like when i've change huh? Like what i've change? Lost your words? HAH. You tell people that i change, and ignore me and don't friend me. Like what the fcuk make you say? Nb leh you seriously. You look at yourself first lah. you two hate me? Leave me alone lah, don't freaking talk to me. Oh ya! Diao somemore i confirm bash you one. You're not average but you're lame, you know? Childish? I third in class also want comment me? SAY I COPY?! Freakyou lah hor -.-
I love those time, we slack we gossip so much! But, i don't think now we can. You have have the rights to insult me. If i'm a bitch you're too. Bitch. you say i'm skinny and ugly, what about you? You think you very pretty? PUI~ Oh please. Sec2 not pri2 ;eh! HAHAHH :D Alright, i think i'll end here (: (:


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