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Celeste's my name. 14's my age, 170997's my biggest day! I have a Princess Attitude. Please don't judge me, because i can't even judge myself. Don't find love let love find you (:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thanks boy, you let me know what's love like.

Hello (: i'm like that, but you've change, you've been saying i'm the one who changed, but i didn't (: Trust me, whatever she say you'll listen, i really wanna know why, that's all, i'm not asking too much, right!

I dislike her max. I don't know why /: Oh well.

I've this! From Sailing teacher ^^!

Hey, you've changed (:

I know i've not posting daily, but this is me, my life. You gotta shut right. Fight with him today, 4may2011 first time yeah. I don't freaking understand why can't i say her? Just because she's .... ? Seriously, i feel like giving all up you know?  Seriously, i've been asking myself, why i cry for you? It's none of my problem but why? Fucker -.-
Hey, i have been saying i do since that day, you're just making me give up, and yeah. Fml seriously ): I can't cry anymore, i swear i'm gonna change from now on! Mummy bought me lens! But idk how leh! A little only eh! Mummy like dam good! Tonight tonight ohhhhh~ Oh ya! I'll be going out at night alrdy, no longer in the afternoon or morning (: I'M SOCIAL (Y)


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