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Celeste's my name. 14's my age, 170997's my biggest day! I have a Princess Attitude. Please don't judge me, because i can't even judge myself. Don't find love let love find you (:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

2path choose 1 (:

Hey, i'm here for some updates (: There's no schl, bored shit. tired like hell. Weather sersly sucks! Anw, nothing much to update, yesterdat was Mama day! ♥ We went swimming for 6-7 hrs! (Y) And, had pizza, Kfc (: (: Aftr that, went to dk where for Ice! iloveyesterday ^^! Alright. it's 11.45AM, &i'm here for updates! HAHAH! Nothing much. GTG#

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