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Monday, May 9, 2011

Why do you have to ask this questions? You know it hurts?

I'm homeee! Study like a crazy bitch, like no ending! Study until i'm sick ): Like 2hrs of revising, to me it's like there's no tmrw.

Was slacking at SohMei's house! Her aunt cooked so dam nice, i like the riceee~ Suddenly, that banana came, my mood went -.-! She treat me like a maid! Ask me cook noodle for her -.-, ask me to do this and that. Then, SohMei add the salt like full tea-spoon! I tried the soup dam salty, she came &snatch the noodle frm me!! I wanted to add some water, but since she snatch, her prob liao (:

Marina Barrage was funnn! Daddy have this thing, so we went, fly kite &stuffs. Fun mxm ♥ ~

Took lots of pictures, did't upload on facebook (; HAHAHH! The wind was so cooling, like if i stay there 24/7 shiok ah!

Lastly, schl stinks. I don't feel like attending like really ): Ezams rocks. I slept like so long, Maths i skip lots of questions! Mr Lee says : Must check &stuffs. I was like not bothering at all /:  HAH! Thanks for the Green Tea, nainai (L)(L)

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