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Friday, May 13, 2011

Raining like YAY!

Sup readers! I'm updating today (: I remembered that Mother's day, we went swimming, had pizza, KFC and manymany more ^^! Alright, do you know it hurts so much? SKIP. Exams are over like finally! Party time, went nex to slack with SohMei ((: Nickie &ahem always go home straight, but i can tell Nickie wanna go with us, suan le bah~ Saw Samantha, Shiling, Regina, Alex, JingTian, Irfan, WeiQiang slack tgt ((; Mad fun okay!! Anw, after leaving nex saw Rachel at EAT. Next, bus with SohMei home-d (: It's like i can't forget moments siaaa >

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