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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I knew i'll ...

Morning readers ^^! Having Blue Berry Wafer for breakfast, no schl for today (: (: But, is a rotting day for me ~ I've nothing to do, 1.30pm tvee atw till  6.30PM. Anw, i need more followers > Twitter , though i lock it, but just follow me, i'll follow you back or accept your follower request ^^! Wednesday you're dead, Friday you're dead ): NAPFA test's backkk! I only enjoy 5items others dun. 2.4KM, just wanna take my life away -.-! Whenever i run my tummy hurts )): I hope i'll pass :D Alright, we're like planing to have this "celebration" since we have alrdy end our exams ((: Anw, i somehow find myself changing lots. If i'm still in primry schl life, i dun have to worry so mny things, but now? Life changes, worries are now here. I really miss 2009&2010 Ahhh~

xoxo, i know you love me

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