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Celeste's my name. 14's my age, 170997's my biggest day! I have a Princess Attitude. Please don't judge me, because i can't even judge myself. Don't find love let love find you (:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Judge yourself first, butch -.-

Hello (: I'm bored. I don't understand why you're being a lame shit in-front and behind of me, can't you be yourself? Alright, i wanna own a rabbit or fish?! HAHAH. I'm so interested in them nowadays, ever since brother was taking care of his pet, and i dun even have one ): Okay, i've been twitter-ing about what i've done and planed for JUNE ^^! Mummy made course for me -.-!! Dady ask me wanna help him at his COMPANY, with great high pay. I used to sleep, play, skip, talk, ignore class, but when its 2009 i dun. I've changed. ): I know myself even well than you. Ahhh. WHY DID I CHANGE?! If i;ve changed formspring me (: Bunny or Fish? AHAHAHA :D NO, dun find me, b'cos you're sucha disgrace when you're with me. 

xoxo, i know you love ♥

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