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Saturday, May 21, 2011

This is what you called yourself a ' friend ' ?


Ahh! Finally updating! Love him mxm (L) Guess whose him above? Alright, shall not mention (: I hate her, she's a damn freaking lair, she once promised me to keep my secret now? The whole world know my secret -'-! If hate me say only.  Girl, don't say until like you really treat me as a ' good friend ' k. Enough is enough. Like is i want huh? Everyone change lah, fine, you say you dun change isn't? We'll see about it (: What a loser! How you treat me i know. You think i scared you isn't? So what i'm scared of you?! You just haven't see me mad or crazy only. Everyone know you like him leh, i'm like a noob sitting over there and huh? huh? huh? 

Pecek lah!! I fucking fail my chinese T.T Paper 1 = 0/30 Paper = 3/20 WTFWTFWTF! I saw that paper i freaking fall asleep ): And, got awaken by Mr Jonas ): freak right? LOLOL .__. Teacher, also say when he mark he got shock! AHAH! Mummy maybe wanna tell teacher or who i'm gonna quit chinese, due to my results, and i've been complaining i hate chinese mxm! But, if i'm not having chinese i got to brush up on my english! That's my best sub k! kNOW MY STORY FIRST, AND PITY LAH. Sersly.

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