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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Friendship is like money, easier made than kept.

you are in my beautiful mess!
Hey readers. I'm sick ): Flue, Throat Pain, Cough, arg! Anw, i dislike peeps with big eyes > O.O. And, round head. I've no idea why. Maybe their eyes too huge &may drop off? Rofl. Alright! Not bad yeterday least i've 12questions for meee~ Chat-ed with RachelNai on phone just now! Short post, cos i'm gonna head to dr again -__- 2Pony tails butch. I dislike you mainly you act cute in-front me of, behind my back. Say me on twitter, just admit it. Anw, short, skinny, pony tails, act voice/cute my enemies. IF YOU WANNA SAY ME, FREAKING SAY IT IN-FRONT OF ME. And, i'm not a lian or whatever kind of shitz. I report to schl daily, i dun skip schl/lessons. Or so what i skip? Law got say cannot? LOLOL! .__. I'm sick, and behind me you're saying? Unfollow me only ah, guilty? I know. Obviously, mainly cos you're scared. AHAH! Am i right?! I thought you were a friend for life -,- 

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