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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I’m the type of girl who will burst out laughing in dead silence at something that happened yesterday.

Hello readers! I'm updating my blog again! (: I love stalkers, stalker are great! Lmao. Stalker have their good/bad points. (: Tiring day, sick like freak. Nothing to do, i've only 2-3hrs of comp! -_- Shall update in fast mode! I wanna upload some pictures in this space but i'm lazy, AHAH. Tmrw i shall upload, i try (: Collecting report bookies tmrw, i'm dead, yeah, so dead ):
Chinese : 0/30 (Paper 1)
Chinese : 5/20 (Paper 2)
English : 12/20 (Compo)
English : idk
English : idk
English : idk
Sience : idk
CPA : 60/64/idk
The rest, idk i didn't attend schl, ):
A littl disappointing my chinese, gosh. Everyone's saying whywhywhy, irritated. They're like, why sia, shock and some shitz. Mr Lin says when he mark he also got shock. LOLOL! Sometimes, when i get ' irritated ' by people i'll only reply K or kk. And, aftr that i dun reply. Hehs (:
I think no one's reading my post/blog anymore, it's totally dead .. 
Not gonna make my post so wordy. It's Miley (Y) I used to like her so fuck much. Her music cheer me whnever i'm down. HAH (:  SHE'S HOTTT!
Selena!! I love her too, her music/songz, niceee! ^^ , she's great. SHE'S HOTTT 
Whn i'm young, i always thought growing up was fun. B'cos whn i'm young i wanna work b'cos i thought it's fun, but now? Growing up's like a shitz sersly, whn we're growing we gotta worry this and that, scared this and that. Care about whether you've friends, or how mny peeps hate you and stuffs, this sersly sucks mxm. So, i wished i could be just a little girl.

xoxo, you know you love me

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