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Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm not proud of my mistakes. But I'm proud b'cos I can learn frm my mistakes. They have made me a better person

hey all. i'm updating my blog, yay! AM I UPDATING MY BLOG?!
First, i need more readers asking me questions. I dun mind what questions but just FREAKING ask!
I'm having fun at my blogshop, weee~ 
Boy, i've been thinking how are you?

Maybe some days we should let go, regretting what i've done ..
Alright, i think i have found the right guy for me, he's great, wonderful, true to me. Should i give him my heart? LOLOL -__- Angie keep say i'm despo, when i dun even know what's she talking!! ): His past, history, now is future tense. (: Tmrw may head out with Angie! ♥ Rachel Goh, i miss you ah! ); What am i to you? THAT GUY, HIS HOTTT! Today, aftr schl SohMei& WeiQiang came to my house, collected SohMei's bag, went to see some phone, they wanna buy, bought bbt, walk to the shop, hell ex! 1shop selling at $888. Another shop selling at $248. freak, ex or what?! 
I want what i sees. I get what i want.
I love the way i spend my money on #USELESS stuffs, wasting my money, like a tap water! LOLOL .__.
Hmmm, shall hit town tmrw with Angie? Felyn? Rachel? Liwen? No idea /: I'm a crazy butch ^^!
Cool or what? I want want want lah! ♥ , when will sky drop money down? $$$$$$ !
Not gonna post for tmrw, may combined tmrw with Wednesday (: 
Ahhhhh! Sweet youmeiyou? ^^

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